40th Reunion


Preliminary Group Portrait

Class of '71


Below are some photos from the Reunion Committee's recent get together at Dodo restaurant to celebrate our successful reunion. And no, we did not use alumni funds to pay for the dinner. All expenses were paid out of our pockets, so rest assured fellow alumni, the funds are going towards this website and the next reunion (45? 50? What are your thoughts?). In absentia, Mary Anderson Stephens, Suzanne Hata, Rondi, Jon Faldmo, Becky Edwards Edwards, Richard Shew, Craig Snow. 

Lanette Parson Dunbar, Dorothy Copier Bradford and Chris Venizelos at our celebratory reunion dinner at Dodo (happy, happy, happy!)


Lanette, Michele Done (the Parisian) and Dorothy at Dodo

Joni and Stephen Seko (is it just me or is that coat button HUGE!?!)

Susan and David Muecke (that's "Mecky")

Ted and Gail Hanson (stalwart U fans through thick and thin!)

A photo I missed earlier from Vee Sonoda's file of Sandra, Mel Hardman, Debbie Moeller Rueckert and Tom

And even more photos courtesy of Yvonne Dobson Wright

Collen Nichols Morr and Yvonne Dobson Wright

Kent Woodward and Michele Noorda Woodward

Howard Burton

Darrel and Mary Anderson Stephens

Diana Selander Mcintyre and Rondi 

Dorothy Copier Bradford and Becky Edwards Edwards

Grant Williams

Jolyn Sherwood Miller and Mark

Jon Faldmo

Layne and Jeanine Stanfield Jones

Robert Sorenson


Miriam and Scott Frazier

Tom and Debbie Moeller Rueckert

Shirley Potter Hilton and Craig


More Photos - thanks, Vee!


Vee Sonoda contributed some of the photos she snapped at our reunion.
If any of you have more photos to share, please send them to us at sgseko@gmail.com. 


The Four Amigos - Vee, Patti, Suzanne, Jan (one of these things is not like the others!)

Grant and Vee - Take your hand off that woman!


Janene and Pat


The cast of the new Three's Company - Vee, Jon, Jan

After the Punchline!

Above photo with Jon's stunt double

Ken, Valorie(?), Kim, Gloria

Kathy and Tom

Cousins Lani and Mary

Linda and hubby Bryan

Sandra (Mrs. Mel), Mel, Debbie, Tom

Michele - our hostess with the mostest


 Jackson and Jillian (Robyn), Michele Done's kids and our caterers for the night. Thanks, Guys!


An unidentified party crasher (Security!) with Diane and Linda


Lori and Richard

 Cindy and Elaine courting Trouble (aka Roger)

Miriam and Scott


Tom and Diane (too cute!)


Patti, Suzanne, Jan - The Three Amigos


Vee, Diane, Jan, Suzanne (note how the Japanese women have surrounded the unsuspecting white women. . . I'm sorry, it's late, and I couldn't resist . . . )



Batman and Robin (or Robin and Batman?) aka Stephen and Chris

Grant and Jeff trying to contain their excitement (and succeeding!).
Whoa! Settle down there, boys, settle down!