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08/29/11 08:47 PM #35    


Michele Done

Dear Fellow '71ers,

Seeing all of you at our fabulous 40th, and getting to catch up with some of you was an absolute blast! Kudos to everyone who contributed their efforts, especially Stephen "The Great Instigator"!

I agree with those Cubs who suggest that we do something for our 45th or even for the big six-oh!

I also formed some new bonds with the other committee members during the planning phase, and hope to stay in touch! 

I was somewhat nervous about pulling off my part in this reunion, (the food and bar) but got positive feedback! Thanks everyone!  My kids, Robyn and Ryan, and my friend Holly, said you were all soooo nice and they had fun working the event.

Lets do something soon!

Michele Done

08/29/11 08:57 PM #36    


David Muecke





I wouldn't trade

our evening together

for anything...

What an

* I N S A N E L Y * A W E S O M E * N I G H T ! *

The drive into town? 30 minutes. (For me anyway.)

The Gallery? Beautiful.

Food? Fabulous.

Admission? Only $25 per person.

Seeing the precious faces of old friends from 40 years ago?

* * * P R I C E L E S S * * *


What would we be,

if not for all the friendships

we make along the way?


ThankU thankU Everyone!

ThankU for making the arrangements.

ThankU, all of you, for showing up!

It was truly heartwarming to see you all.

Truly truly. I loved it, I loved South, I love you guys. Every last one of ya!

ThankU thankU thankU!


Jon and I are working on the photos and will get them in the mail to you as soon as possible. If you didn't give your current mailing address to us when you registered and the committee doesn't have a current one, you'll need to share that. ( : We don't want any of our Cub photos going to a West or East High Alum now do we? : ) We'll keep ya'll updated!

~Dave Muecke

Here's a little nostalgia I shared on facebook on reunion day... ALL the TOP HITS from 1971 medlied into about 15 minutes. ...later!



09/01/11 05:25 PM #37    


Michele Noorda (Woodward)

If Stephen had not spurred Jeri Mizuno on, she would not have spurred me on and I would have missed a great night!!  What a great place to hold the reunion, no one could get stuck in a corner, you could just move from one memorable person to the next!  Since that night I dug out my yearbooks which also contained 'Highlights' the booklet of stories and poems written by the students at South.  Who knew you were all so talented?!?!?  I mentioned to Stephen that I sat around on yearbook day to make sure I got one of his highly sought after poems.  That was sophomore year, how amazing!!!  I was thrilled to read it then and now I want to share it with all of you.....hope you don't mind Stephen!!

I'm me

Don't you see?

An Apology

Rises from a crumbling cookie

in a soggy swimming pool

Michele? Michele? Michele?


An echo from a hollow



From the ears of

a discarded banana.

Too bad the yellows clash

When? When? When?


Why so much?

Have any crumblings for me?

Stephen Seko

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put this on and get this site up and going.  I've reconnected with some old friends that I had lost contact with.  So good to talk with Jon and Pat; Jon Faldmo, Suzanne Hata, Galen Lim, David Muecke,Debbie and Tom and many others.  Can't wait to see all the pictures!

09/01/11 05:51 PM #38    


Stephen Seko


I'm mortified. I do have administrative privileges on the website and could easily delete said "poem," but will defer to your judgment.

It was great seeing you. You walked in like a dream, peaches and cream . . . (and there it is. More mortification . . .) I'm so glad you and Jeri came.



09/02/11 09:34 PM #39    


Kathryn Christensen (Duncan)

Thanks to all that had anything to do with organizing this reunion and website.  Reconnecting with a few friends on the website spurred me on to want to come to the reunion.  And I am so glad I did.  So fun to see everyone again and let the years melt away.  We may have changed physically - but the eyes never change.  You all brought back many fun memories and emotions.  Let's do this again.  It's been too long!

09/03/11 09:33 AM #40    


Michele Noorda (Woodward)


About the were 16, artsy, and cool!!  I'm sure I thought I was cool, since I was lucky enough to have one of your poems.

And see, you are still artsy and cool even though 16 is long gone.

Thanks for the memories!


09/04/11 07:54 AM #41    

Terrie Reaveley (McCants)

Wish I could have joined you all!  It has been great fun reconnecting after all these years.

In response to Diane A's suggestion, I had already been looking at doing something to mark my 60th and was considering a cruise (something I've yet to experience).  Anyway, I found the following that sparked my interest - jazz and the Caribbean, what's not to like?  I was looking at the January 2013 sail.  Any one else interested?


Terrie Reaveley McCants

09/12/11 01:14 PM #42    

Rick Emmertson

Diane Alserda has an excellent idea. A cruise-reunion in 2013. I'm all for it.

09/12/11 06:23 PM #43    


Lani Quinn (Kesler)

A cruise is a great idea and, better, a Jazz Cruise with all the "Greats" in one place -- it does not get any better.  But, cost has to be a consideration by the group. 

09/12/11 10:24 PM #44    


David Muecke

Apologies for a tiny delay working on getting our reunion photos out, as I had surgery last week and was in the hospital all week. The good news is... it was a regular hospital not an asylum, lol, and I'm back, better than ever, and starting again on our pics. Will share updates.

Regarding earlier posts looking for missing cubs... did any ever surface?

WHERE'S BOB? Stephen I hadn't read your story about Bob Dean until tonight. I felt so sad for our Bob. Bob was awesome, I loved Bob. Hey who's not a little eccentric? Put me on the extreme top of that list! Crazy to the Max! : ) Let's find Bob whatever it takes shall we?

Love ya all! ...later, my old friends.


09/30/11 03:29 PM #45    


Deborah Wendell (Williams)

WE must have really a shy class. If you compair us to class of 70 message forum.

 Dose anyone remember who we played at the home coming game and who won?

What was your favorite part of home coming?

 I remember how the halls were just a buzzing with everyone looking forward to the game and the dance. 


10/09/11 07:03 PM #46    

Dorothy Ann Copier (Bradford)

 I think it would be great to go on a cruise for our 60th birthdays.  To do it as a class will give me an excuse for needing to go on a cruise.  

10/13/11 10:44 AM #47    


Stephen Seko

 I just posted some photos from the reunion committees recent dinner to celebrate our successful reunion. Check them out on the 40th Reunion page. What are your thoughts about our next reunion? Should we go for a 45th Reunion or wait for a 50th? We're interested in your input.

Regards to everybody!

Stephen Seko

01/03/12 07:30 PM #48    


Stephen Seko

We've just upped our commitment to our website host for another 5 years! This will enable us to check in with each other from time to time as well as post messages, announcements, etc. We're beginning to think a 45th reunion might be in order (especially since we're all getting SOOOOO old!). As we approach this milestone, we'll be posting any updates, soliciting help, etc. if we do indeed decide to proceed. In the meantime, we hope you'll all check back occasionally and let us know what you're up to.  Regards, the South High Class of '71 Reunion Committee.

01/10/12 08:32 PM #49    


Michele Noorda (Woodward)



You did not lose the pictures, did you!!!




04/10/12 10:37 AM #50    


David Muecke

Hey Cubbies...

It appears some of you didn't get your reunion photos, so if you haven't received yours please call me or drop me an email to let me know so I can get yours to you. Share your current mailing address again if you would please.

Here's the email address:

And my cell phone number is 801-664-7896



10/13/12 12:19 AM #51    

Linda Beames (Lee)

Thanks for the Birthday wish.  I'm 60 now and ready for that cruise while I still can.  Any news Diane?  Did anyone show interest?  Hope to see you all at the Art Gallery on Oct 19 to support Stephen and catch up again.  Still no reunion photo?   Any news?

02/08/13 01:29 PM #52    

Janice Andrus (Noyce)

Enjoyed the reunion pictures!  Sorry I missed it, apparently I was "lost" and didn't know it.  By the way you all look fabulous!

04/09/14 09:02 PM #53    


Deborah Wendell (Williams)

I hate to say this guys. But class 1970 is out doing us on the message board. We must be pretty boring as we get older.

Have a Great Summer this year.

06/18/14 04:18 PM #54    


Deborah Wendell (Williams)

In case you haven't heard we lost Coach Schwab

06/20/14 07:30 PM #55    

Kelly Summers

I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of Coach Schwab.  He was a great example and ever the gentleman.

06/21/14 10:17 AM #56    

Santo Nicotera

I wish I would have known Mr. Schwab better.  My sisters loved him.  Unfortunately, 'Death on the Highway' video is all I recall and I recall it distinctly.

06/21/14 01:08 PM #57    

Micah Millet

Coach Schwab was the best drivers ed instructor you could ever have.

Even now when I drive I can still hear his wise words.

06/21/14 03:48 PM #58    


Colleen Kae Nichols (Morr)

Thanks for the post about Coach Schwab.  I hadn't heard of his passing.  He taught Drivers Ed to me AND to my mother when she was a teenager in Rich County.  He was a great teacher and coach, and I enjoyed his sense of humor.  He will be missed.  Deep sympathy to his family.

11/25/15 08:08 PM #59    


Deborah Wendell (Williams)

We lost another Cub. Gloria Simpson from class of 70 passed away on the 19th.  I recall meeting Gloria when I was working on Finnian's Rainbow.  Gloria was with the stage crew.

Gloria will be missed by many who knew her.


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